This is one of our favourite trends, modern and effortlessly elegant - @ BELLA London we absolutely ♥ monochrome
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The monochrome ensemble is like that friend you’ve known for years, seemingly timeless but always relevant. For Spring/Summer 2017, fashion houses have reinvented the look through complex geometrics and simple contrasts, finding power in the purity of strict black and white.


This season, designers mixed textures and cut outs to create interest and movement in bold colour-blocking outfits. At its most effective, the discipline of strict black and white is mirrored in clean lines and sharp silhouettes. The look has such staying power because it is universally flattering (handy for those of use who aren't supermodels!) makes anyone look instantly polished and pulled-together.

'Andre' black sheer net top paired with withe skorts and lace body

Bella London monochrome blog post, black sheer net topBella London 'ANDRE' BLACK NET T-SHIRT

'Naspe' white cropped boxy top paired with black black tie-dye leggings

Bella London, Naspe White crop top with buckle


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